Bliss of Osiris level 1

This class can be taken by distance, too!

Although meditation and meditative states are designed to lead to enlightenment, the practices and states achieved vary according to the tradition being followed.

Someone who practices a form of classical Indian meditation, and someone who practices, for example, a Zen meditation will reach what could be called "different states of enlightenment."

This is not to say one form of enlightenment is better than another, simply enlightenment is not one thing.

The Bliss of Osiris, one of the most treasured initiations in the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, gives you an energy that leads to a state of enlightenment in which you will be 'reborn'.

The energy is unusual in that the elements of fire and water are well balanced within it, unlike other meditative energies, which are predominantly fire.

Although this means one reaches an advanced state more slowly, the energy is unusuall y beautiful and grounds divine bliss throughout the body.